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May 13, 2008
I bought a used 125 salt about a year or so ago. I didn't know much about saltwater at the time and set everything up like I thought it should be. Needless to say it wasn't right. Now I have moved so I had to take it down but my question is can someone give me some advice on my skimmer. I know it's a berlin and it says from 25 to 250 gallons. I had it hooked up but it never worked, I never got any skimmate the whole time it ran, like a year. The powerhead that I think was for it was bad when I go thte tank, so this may be my whole problem. Does anyone know exactly which pump or powerhead I need to be using and where to find one?? I am in the process of doing a major overhaul to the original system and will probably have tons of questions in the future so please bear with me!! Thanks in advance!!
I'm not sure what pump comes with the Berlin skimmer, but IMO, that skimmer is OK for 75g at the most. I suggest you save up $200 and get an Octopus NW200. You will be more than happy with that skimmer. (I know I am.)
Well thats not what I was hoping to hear but that seems to be the general consensus. I guess I will try to use this one till I get everything set up and running then get something different before I go with any types of corals.
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