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chris stevens

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Mar 27, 2005
Cape Neddick, ME and Lowell, MA
The skunk clown that wasn't eating before seems to be eating a small amount of food occasionally, but not with the vigor i'd like to see. He's hosting my new LTA and seems to be quite happy, but it'd be re-assuring to see him eat a little more. I switched to mysis and the inhabitants don't seem to be overly thrilled about it. Soaked it in garlic supplement, chopped it finer, still not getting the same response as i did with brine. Can anyone suggest another food (particularly something that may stimulate the clown)? should I try cyclop-eeze, or is mysis really my best bet?
I got a pair of false percs the other day..
Well needless to say they are piglets..
So far they are tearing into mysis, zooplankton and red flake food.
Not the same kind of clown, but I assume it's the same omnivorous nature..
By far, of all the critters that have ended up in my tank so far (5 shrimp, a couple jawfish, couple clowns and the hermits/snails) the zooplankton seems to be the 'big hit'.
Comes in a jar (looks alot like a small jar of dijon mustard) and is a refrigerated thing after opening, made by Sweetwater and is one of those foods advised for new arrivals. ( had it for 2 bucks a jar last week.

The mysis I offer them is the frozen cube kind from Hikari..

The flake is by Ocean nutrition.

I'm not sure what people advise to do for new arrivals.. I go with the feast or famine method.. I overfeed the tank on purpose when a new thing arrives, after it has been properly acclimated and in the tank for a couple hours.
So far, everything added has gotten in on the feast and the leftovers get taken care of by my greedy hermits/shrimp.
The 'feast' also seemed to get everyone comfy with each other... there isn't a grab for the food, since there is no fighting.

Obviously not what you'd wanna do all the time, but so far it has worked for me and I seem to have happy/healthy specimens that get along (probably more luck then anything!).
Mysis is certainly a good start. There really is no "best food". Your best bet is to offer a good variety of food along with dietary supplements. Feed both meaty food (like mysis and krill) and plant matter like a good quality algae flake. Variety and supplements are key.
Make your own. Do a search on "blender mush" and you'll find several recipes. Basically you get a little of whatever the store has in the way of fresh fish (not too fatty), add some clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, etc. Blend in a blender with nori, and some Selcon and Garlic extract. Put the mixture in baggies in a very thin layer and freeze. I also add some cyclop-eeze.
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