Best PC lighting for the money?

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Jan 4, 2005
I'm looking to light my 55gal to about 275 watts and was wondering what you folks think is the best way to go. I mean, most bang for the buck.

JEBO seems to make decent PC's for a reasonable price? Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated. TIA
go with a coralife aqualight. They have much better ballasts and bulbs then the jebo's. Plus they have a company who will stand behind there product. I sold 2 bad ones last year out of over 200. They are very reliable!
I just checked both sites on a 48in Aqualight Lunor. With with the AA discount CaptiveReefs is about $21 cheaper.
I dont have a SW tank up yet, but i have been doing extensive shopping around, and it seems as though has pretty good prices on everything..... i dont know anything about there service though because i havent pruchased any lights yet, but they are really cheap.

If anyone has any feedback on them that would awesome....thanx
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