Bh2000 hob skimmer

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Nov 11, 2014
Been us I g these for about 2 weeks. First week was off and on only while I was home to keep an eye on it for preventative reasons. Past 4 days or so been going 24 7. Producing foam but no skimmate. I do have a lite bioload but want to ensure correct operation for when load does increase. Is this the rite level of skimming? Does these look correct ? Thanks again everyone.

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Thanks. I thought it would have been already. It's running g smoother but I'll give it more time. Thanks again for your quick response.

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It can sometimes take a month or even more to break in. It depends on how much of the oils are left on a unit after being through production. Tie that in with the low nutrient levels that you have already stated are in your system, it can take time.
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