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Jun 5, 2005
North Carolina
Ok I'm finally going to ditch the 5 gallon bucket routine after more than a year. I've heard everyone brag about how this has changed their life so much. I ordered the 50ft Python from BigAls this morning so it should be here for my next water change. I can't wait to give it a try. I'm a little concerend about the abilty of the python to pull water out of the tank but as long as it works good for putting water back in I'm ok with that.
I was actually disappointed with its ability to pull water out ... but I have a well, and water pressure definitely isn't what it is with "city water" ... so while mine can pull the water out, the suction for vacuuming the substrate sucks for me (so I siphon it with a bucket) ... BUT it is still worth it to me, just to simplify the refill process (less mess with lifting heavy buckets trying to pour carefully)
Mine pulls water out just fine. I can't say enough about it. I have a 55g, and I can do 40-50% water changes in 15-20 minutes for the entire process.
don't know about your local prices ... but you can easily build your own by purchasing the fawcet attachment and buying your own length hose from Home Depot or something. I've seen the fawcet pieces at and I'm sure others sell them too:

you might need a coupleof the other plastic attachements to connect the hose, but basically, this is it ... then just plug in your gravel vac if you want.
Using the Python, it takes me 90 minutes to do my water change. But that's on a 75G, a 55G, a 29G, and a 26G, lol. For just my 75G alone, takes 25 minutes max. And my PWC's are 50%+
Personally, I don't think that the Python is the best thing since sliced bread. But I wouldn't be starting my 125 if I didn't have one (or something similar). There's no way I would do the bucket brigade with that much water.
When we would use the outdoor spigot for suction we could do a water change on a 150, 55, 29, 10, and 5 gal in about an hour. Couldn't do that with the buckets.
these seem really handy, but it looks to me like they waste alot of water, plus I'm gettin some nice pythons of my own carrying those 5 gallon buckets LOL
tropicfishman said:
these seem really handy, but it looks to me like they waste alot of water, plus I'm gettin some nice pythons of my own carrying those 5 gallon buckets LOL

They don't have to waste water. You can use the faucet adapter to start the siphon, then stop the water, crimp the python, throw the end of the hose out a window/door, and then use it just like a normal siphon. When you are ready to refill, just move the hose back to the adapter and you are ready to roll. That's how I use it - I just can't justify flushing so much perfectly good water down the drain.
It is all about water pressure/GPM when your using the Python as a vacuum, the higher the better, i.e. higher pressure equals stronger suction.
My water pressure isn't that great, but my tanks are on the second floor so I just let the Python operate on gravity assist, 25' of tubing running down a flight of patio stairs provides more suction than a ol'Hoover vacuum. Waters a section of garden at the same time.

The ease of refilling is not questionable, all you have to do is not overfill...
Add conditioner and refill!

We love ours, can't believe we ever subjected ourselves to the 'Bucket Brigade'.
I don't think my python is the greatest for cleaning gravel (refilling is great though, no complaints there). The suction isn't as strong as just a regular siphon. However, mine has 100' of hose sitting on the floor and then has to go up almost to the same level as the tank to drain into the sink, so I guess its understandable. Currently I use the python to drain out most of the water while I use a siphon/bucket to clean the gravel really well, until I have about 50% out. I'd never thought about just throwing the hose out the door, that's a pretty good idea. Maybe it would help. I always did feel bad about wasting the water.
Got my Python today from BigAls. I've done my first water changes in both my tanks with it. This thing is AWESOME!! I was worried that I would not have enough pressure for the 50ft Python but it works great. It also cleans the gravel just as good as the old bucket method. I should have listened to everyone on here a long time ago about getting one. I can not say enough about it. I want a bigger tank now :) Wonderful Product!!!
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