black light?

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Aug 27, 2008
phenix city alabama
hey everyone i found a black light at my future home that i am working on with my gf its on my property but anyways i was playing with the black light looking at how messy my room looked with it when i thought about ataching it to my tank for night lighting cause i have none anyways it makes the green zoas look wicked awesome and the anenome and brings out all the red coraline it is a 15 wat black light bulb with a ge fixture will this hurt my fish or corals at all i took it off till a few friends and others give me thier oppinions
I'm not sure about using a blacklight over a reef tank. A blacklight is made in a way that it emitts ultraviolet light, but very little visible light. I don't know how much uv your particular bulb emitts, but a uv sterlizer emitts uv to kill bacteria and pathogens and MH bulbs must have a UV shield. It may be OK, or may not be. I personally wouldn't take the chance.
I agree with Larry in that I would not use it. Very little light will come out for any results and I also worry about the UV light and what might happen to your nitrifying bacteria. I`m not an expert on it but that`s my thinking.
Prolonged UV-A exposure from a florescent blacklight will no doubt damage your fishes eyes the same way it will damage your eyes. You are looking at the things lit up by the light, but keep in mind you are pointing it at the fish.

The UV-A light from a common "poster blacklight" does little to sterilize anything, for that you need UV-C light.

But shining it on the fish, you may end up with blind fish, or other problems.

If it is an incandescent "black light", then these are not really true UV lights, and do even less damage, if any.
ok thanks guys i shall heed your advice and not use i figure three people say not good idea out of three then its not a good idea lol
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