Blind Cory

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Sep 23, 2016

I'm not sure what is happening to my Cory. I went on a trip for 3 days a couple weeks back and left my fish tank with my husband. When I got back my dwarf gourami shows signs of bloat and died in 2 days. I did water change when I got back. About 60%?
I think he feed too much food on those 3 days.

One of my bronze Cory eyes turns white and it looks like he has lost sight on both eyes.
No other fishes shows any symptoms of any sickness.

Since his eyes turns white, he has been hanging around the bottom doing nothing, sometimes upside down as if he's dead. He will move every now and then to lean on something different ( sometimes the plants, driftwood, or aquarium glass )

He's still breathing and if you touch him he still swims well ( I had to touch him a few times with the net because I thought he was dead as he's staying still or upside down ).
I have been checking is he's breathing before touching him since then.

Feeding time he's actively looking for food, although it always takes him a while to find the food as he's bumping into plants/driftwood/ just simply going to the wrong direction.

I'm wondering if he's actually sick or just depressed for losing his sight.. I'm about to go on holiday next week and the fish will be left alone for the weekend. Him dying without us noticing until we come back is the last thing I want to have..
Previous to this, he likes to swim around with the other Cory looking for food around the substrate or picking the plants or picking the driftwood. It's just such a massive behavioral change.

Water is clean. I just did a small water change a couple of days ago. Before water is changed chemistry as per below
Ammonia : 0
Nitrite : 0
Nitrate : 10-20ppm (unsure the colour look so similar)
pH : 6.6

Any thoughts if he's sick/depressed/ what can I do to help him? Pic attached

He's upside down breathing very fast now.. I don't think he will last till morning.
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