Blind dieing Salvini?

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Jul 29, 2014
Hello. I have a male salvini that started having problems like a month ago maybe 2.He seemed blind but he was eating back then.After spawing with a fh female i had to move him to an uncycled tank(180 liters) but kept some of the water and filter.Now he's not eating at all,lethargic,keeps poking the water around the food,the filter,stayes at the bottom of the tank.His eyes were fine at this point.
I did some tests yesterday and the values were:
ph- here is variable cause cant seem to find the exact match its between 7.2 and 8.0(more pink)
gh- 8d
After that ,the guy at the pet shop told me to use Easy start and the moment i got that in he started banging his head to the walls,to the rocks to everything,started jumping in the lid.He was aggitated,like in agony the whole night.The other fish(1) was ok.Now i notice that his eyes got a mist,a cloudy part on the corneea.Rest of the body looks fine,he only changed colour like eathy red.
I added FMC from dajana today.
Please tell me whats wrong with it..what else can i do.Never lost a fish before and been crying my eyes out for 38 h.
Thank you.
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