Blue Moon Light - On? Off? Time?

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Dec 18, 2005
Okay. I've an older bulb running that covers pretty much most the tank. During the day it's not very noticable. But at night after the primary lights go out it's very nice.

Question: How long can I leave on? IE: Should I kill them at night or should they stay on 24x7?

I've been turning off about 1 hour AFTER the primary lights, but not sure if the fish are unhappy about that. (Surveys went out, but nobody responded)

Thanks in advance.
I'd say leave them on 24/7. I read that LED's don't like to be shut on and off. I personally leave mine on for 4 hours after "lights out", and then have them shut off. I have it in my head that the fishys can't sleep with the moon lights on.
i use the coralife power center (digital timer). once Actinic goes on, LED auto shut off. i plug an extra digital timer to the power center, and plug the day light to that so i can create dusk & dawn effect
I am also using the Coralife Power Center, Dual Timer version to create the dusk dawn. When the Actinic's go on, LED goes off and vice versa. The fishies sleep in the little rock caves, doesn't seem like the LEDs bother them.
It's not an LED, but maybe an Actinic?

It's flourscent - 16" Bulb that was the old MIRROR taped on the back side of the light to reflect into the tank. Before they started adding reflectors to hoods.

Hey it was $10 at the LFS that was going out of business. Can't complain. Just don't want my fishy friends to be hating life at night.
OKAY. Finally upgraded to a REAL light system. Pulled the two 40 watt Power Glo's out.

Bought Aqualight from Coralife. Basically moved to 260watt in my 55 gal.

2 - 65 watt 10k Daylight
2 - 65 watt True Actinit 03 Blue

Blue are on 1 hour before the daylight (6am) and 1 hour after daylight go off (10:30pm)

That should make my anemone WAY happy as well.
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