For Sale: Brazilian Pennywort, Java Moss, Bacopa Carolina

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Can I get a quote for a bunch of dwarf swords and java moss to 52807?
Still available Brazilian Pennywort, Bacopa Carolina, Ludwigia Repens, Dwarf Swords, Elodea Densa.
And I also have Red Cherry Shrimp, and Orange Tiger Shrimp.
Tiger shrimp

Here is a pic of the Tiger shrimps (Orange), and the tank:


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Are you sure that is a Tiger shrimp? That really does not look like a orange tiger but more like a low end cherry. Not to be mean. This is a orange tiger shrimp.
I bought them sometime ago, from another seller here in this forum as an Orange or Tiger shrimp, if they are not based on the picture, thanks for your clarification.
They look like a cherry of some color to me. (Neo) def. not a tiger though. At least this way the wrong name doesn't continue :)
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