Wanted: bristle worms

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As with the stars, had you asked me a few weeks ago I would have had you hooked up. Lol
pure i got bad timing i just cycled thogh plus app was down for 2 weeks that's why im askin now lol i hate my timing
ok so it's been roughly 3 days does anyone have any bw or inverts they dont want or need because of a tank tear down etc. id be willing to pay shipping if needed
Man if i would have seen this thread about a week earlier a could have hooked you up good! I know someone who had almost 30 bristes and he was just killing them all
What could shipping cost like $5 buck? It's all good. just pay it forward somehow. I was going To start catching and killing so I'd be more than happy to help. But I have no idea the best method to get this done. lol
but to ship id use one of those usps flat rate boxes they have carey and lefty have shppied stuff to me with them i get it in 2 days. id get a container with tight tight lid fill with worms and tank water mbye a pinch of food place continer in a ziplock bag flat and place in box and surround with insulation ( newspaper plastic bags old paper styrofoam etc mainly so continer dosnt bounce around to much also id say write fragil on box mabye so it dosnt get tossed around
I'll get to catching some in the next day or so and I'd like to catch atLEAST 20-30. just PM me your address.
holy crap 20-30 how manny you got?! and as long as there realitivly small in size il take em all i have a few saltie buddies and lfs thtl take em
lol dude when the light go out it's like A horror movie in my tank. I'm shocked how many there are. I got my rock off a guy on a local message board and he said there where a few in the LR but I got abunch of stuff in my tank now lol Stars, snails, some other larger kinda snail, mushrooms. I guess I just lucked out. I guess it's that pay it forward theory. lol
Yeah I got about 10 worms a few stars & some snails. Whats yo address & I'll ship them tomorrow.
If u fail at getting any pm me i have a couple differnt colored on some redish pink with white bristles and some black on black... i will ship cod so all u have to do is pay shipping for it
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