Bubble tip anemone

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I used to have a really good one that dealt with fresh and salt water, but they went under in the floods and didnt have the coin to start back up again. I really do hate going to pet city. But I have no choice. There's a few small LFS's around but I'm scared to branch out lol I don't think many could compare to my last LFS. They were so passionate, just one married couple that ran this shop. :( it's a shame they couldn't get back on their feet to reopen. Ill have a look around for LEDs. I've been reading this MASSIVE forum on lighting on reefcentral...I know, total traitor ;).

Here's the link. http://archive.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=550860

I really want to confidentially understand the basics (it's outdated and doesn't say anything about LEDs) but at least I understand the basics.

I'm thinking I am going to get a MH to get some deep penetrating light to get to the little guy (on top if my current lighting) for now until I can save to get these ****ed LEDs. What do you think?

PS. Here's a pic of my anemone today. Its appreciating my old polyp base.


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Sure, if you can pick up a MH for cheap that will be an option. I had another look on eBay today and those LEDs I told you about start around $120 each (the full spectrum ones were more) for the dimmable ones. My only concern with the MH is the amount of heat transfer and how that can raise temp in your tank. Good time to do it tho in winter! But that Queensland sun might sting you in summer :)
S My only concern with the MH is the amount of heat transfer and how that can raise temp in your tank.
...and that you'll have to change the bulb every 9 to 12 months.

I think your anemone is very bleached. have you tried feeding it? Try dropping a very small piece of raw fish or shrimp in the tentacles. Something as small or smaller than a pea.
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Bec..I have a chiller so heat won't be an issue right?

Mr x...ill give him a feeding tomorrow. I do make sure that when I feed my fish with brine shrimp that some bits get on his tentacles, then it can decide wether or not it wants to eat or not...is that a bad way to feed them? I don't think sitting the food at its mouth is really working because sometimes it'll just sit there and float away (maybe its not quick enough?)

Is the bleaching apart of not eating also? I thought it was to do with the photosynthesis?

you can buy it from the supermarket or the LFS....it's up to you. Meanwhile, it's easier to copy and paste than type it out so....from Wikipedia:

The sea anemone has an oral disk, which the organism uses to capture prey. The anemone attaches to the substrate using the basal disk at its posterior end. Others also burrow into a weaker object. Some species attach to kelp while others are free-swimming. Although not plants and therefore incapable of photosynthesis themselves, many sea anemones form an important facultative symbiotic relationship with certain single-celled green algae species that reside in the animals' gastrodermal cells. These algae may be either zooxanthellae, zoochlorellae or both. The sea anemone benefits from the products of the algae's photosynthesis, namely oxygen and food in the form of glycerol, glucose and alanine; the algae in turn are assured a reliable exposure to sunlight and protection from micro-feeders, which the sea anemones actively maintain. The algae also benefit by being protected due to the presence of stinging cells called nematocysts, reducing the likelihood of being eaten by herbivores. Most species inhabit tropical reefs, although there are species adapted to relatively cold waters, intertidal reefs, and sand/kelp environments
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A few more pics.

Do you think my nem looks happier? I do, but I've been looking at it so often I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks. I bought another nem in hope that my bleached nem may take some zoox that is expelled from the new one. I have been target feeding them both until I have enough money to get LEDs. I think it's a waste of money/time getting MHs after all. I think target feeding them is my best option until I get LEDs. With water flow, I've put them where I think they should sit (up higher, near the light, and in medium water flow) but they just went back to the bottom of the tank. Fussy things!

Let me know your observations.



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Just fed both some mysis shrimp. Picture of nem's mouth puckered up while eating :) still not sticky, but I'm sure I can see some yellow colour on its tips?


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I don't know of anyone who has kept an anemone with just feedings, and no substantial lighting. Buying more photosynthetic creatures when you know you don't have the system to support them is kind of irresponsible if you ask me.
Bad move IMO.
So your observation on my nem? Watts per gallon is 2.7, should be 4/g, I know. Thanks for opinion, but it's not as if I have no lighting whatsoever. Won't be long Til I do get LEDs. But still that's going to be a month or so until they are completely acclimatised to LEDs. So this was my best option. Can you not see my approach here? Or is it your way or the highway.
It's not how many watts per gallon, it's how efficient your fixture is. I believe that buying 100 more anemones will not help the bleached one.
I see your concern. My lights are T5s (not enough, I know), but these were what everyone backed before LEDs come along. Like I said, LEDs are coming. So my fixtures will be crazy compared to what I have now. Just don't want to lose my nem. I had my nem for a few months before it turned for the worst. So I figure the new nem can help my sick nem until I get LEDs. I have read that bleached nem's can get zoox from healthy nem's. So that's my plan of attack until I get my LEDs. So fixtures are coming. In the mean time my bleached nem has a mate helping him out for now with zoox. And I'm helping them both out by target feeding. Does that sound plausible?
T5s are great, but you need more of them. 4 or 6 lamps per 3 feet minimum. I would want 6 minimum, and ideally, I would want 8.
2 lamps would be what you would want over a FOWLR.
Can you put both fixtures over the same side of the tank the anemones are on, until you get stronger lighting?
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