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Jan 1, 2004
Have somewhat of a puzzeling question. I am running my 125 off of just PH's as my tank has a leak and am getting ready to move all of the fish and LR to another tank. However I am having a problem with cloudiness in the tank since I cut the sump and skimmer off. Im running off of about 80-100 gallons right now. When I go to use the same buffer as I have in the past, (kent Marine super buffer) my tank is cloudy. Then when I run carbon after a couple of days it clears up...any ideas?
All of my levels check out perfect. PH is just low (which I have never had a problem with in the past 2 years and I have CC as substrate). PH is 8.0, temp 80-82, 0 trates and trites as well as ammonia. Any idea as to why the cloudiness after using the buffer?
Also how do I get the PH up? I check it the same time in the evening. What do people use for this?
Are you testing alkinity and calcium levels? If so what are they before your adding your buffer.
No Im not testing AK or CA levels. I was about to start adding calcium when my 125 went down. I test mainly for PH and SG...thats if..its a FO with the exception of 2 anenomes.
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