C02 Glass Diffuser

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Mar 11, 2005
Alberta, Canada
I am using a pressurized C02 system on a 75 gal tank and using a glass diffuser to distribute the C02. I am on my second diffuser in 6 months. They seem to work really well where the gas is diffusing over the full surface of the diffuser and over time, eventually comes out only in a few random spots. I have taken a soft brush to the surface and cleaned it but it does not seem to make a difference. Anyone have any ideas on what is causing the slowdown or a better diffuser to use??

Here's a link to the diffuser I am using

What kind of filtration do you have in the tank? If it is a cannister you should explore using an in-line CO2 diffuser. Far less hassel and likely more efficient at diffusing CO2 into the water column. Goggle DIY CO2 diffuser.
I've heard using a mild bleach soak will help clean these. They just get gunked up from sitting in your tank over time.
No - not on well water. I just noticed that the product website indicates soaking in bleach for 3 minutes to clean. If I soak the diffuser in a bleach solution, what's going to happen to the bleach solution that gets trapped in the spirals?? Some water is going to enter the diffuser through the opening. Will it stay in the diffuser - is it just the gas that is diffused through the ceramic top?? Obviously don't want to risk any bleach getting into the tank.
I think you could put it in a cup or bucket of water with a high concentration of dechlorinater...
Or just force water through it for a few minutes.
I have a glass diffuser with a ceramic stone. I make a mild bleach solution in a one-cup measuring cup. I just add a splash of bleach (don't really measure) and fill the rest of the cup with water. After it soaks for awhile (maybe 10 minutes) and the stains are gone, I rinse for a few minutes under running water and then soak in the cup again with plain water and a double or triiple dose of dechlorinator. When it doesn't smell like bleach anymore, I put it back in the tank.
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