Calcium levels 4 fish only tank

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Fin-tastic Aq

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Jul 18, 2003
Philadephia Pa.
The guy at the fish store insist that calcium levels are not important in a fish only tank that i should only be concerned if it's a reef tank,
now don't fish have bones and need the calcium to grow ?
and also the ocean don't know if it's reef or fish the ocean is the ocean.
any input on this one ?
A FO aquarium does not have a very large demand for CA. Unless you have an over abundunce of coraline algae growth, it is very doubtful you would ever need to worry about your CA levels, they will be maintained at high enough levels by regular waterchanges. The reason a reef (and maybe a FOWLR) needs CA added, is because there is a demand for it, the corals use the CA in the water and it must be replenished. I agree it is necessary in a FO tank, but it is supplied by the salt mix ;)
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