Calculation for flow loss (return 5' above sump)

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Nate C

Aquarium Advice Activist
Aug 16, 2004
Portland, Oregon
Does someone have a link/formula for calculating gph loss relative to lift?

I have a gen-x 4100 (~1000gph) pump in my sump. From the floor of the sump to the return is roughly 5ft. 8O

I know I'm losing flow, but I don't know how much...

fwiw I plan on adding another diy HOB and a 2nd 4100 as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

Nate C
Thanks guys-

Also I dug this up from the manufacturers page.



Gen-X submersible pump

1085 GPH
9.2ft maximum lift
UL approved
Ceramic Shaft, adjustable flow
1 year guarantee against manufacturer defects.
PSI Rating 3.98
5/8" and 1" ID Hose fittings included.
750 gallons at 3' Head
650 gallons at 5' Head
Power Consumpion 70 Watts
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