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Jan 15, 2014
Orange County, CA,
So I just purchased my AI hydra and can't figure out how to set them up through the controler to turn the lights completely off for a few hrs during the night between sunrise and sun set. If anyone has these and can help I'd appreciate it. Also what would you recommend the intensity percentage and distance to set the light from the water in a 24in deep tank ive heard 1 foot above the water surface. Also is it okay to have your UV on at night I know the UV makes zoas and other corals pop but in a natural setting I assume there isn't UV at night? Constant UV won't have a negative affect eventual will it?

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I have the ai hydra setup as well and could answer any questions you might have
Good cause i have a boat load haha. I have figured out how to get the lights off at night. I put it and the barrier setting and turned of the night time lights. My question is about the height to intensity. My tank in 24in tall 48in length and 12in deep. I have set it 1ft above my water line and I'm not sure where my intensity should be. I don't know if there is such a thing a to much light. I'm a little concerned to find out if to much UV is a bad thing. If you have any pointers I'd appreciate it very much.

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I think I set the ramp for 6 hrs to start at 5 AM and the lights are completely off by 11PM.

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I have 2 zoa frags one has small very bright colored zoas the other has bigger zoas that have long stems and green stripes. But I plan on getting more variety eventually.

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If you only have zoas/polyps you should have your lights brighter then 40%

I have my lights over my biocube
I have my main lights on from 8am to 8pm
Lunar cycle on from 12am to 6am

Lights are set to
Dark blue60%
Royal blue60%

For you
Keep your whites and uv less then mine
I have a variety of coral hints why mine are higher then yours will be
So the UV is bad to have set to high with zoas?

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Ya it can be
It can fade many different colors and make your nice pretty coral turn into a dull ugly coral
It's not like this with all corals
But you will just have to research what colors are fine with uv light
I have mine at 1:00
So lights brighten up rather fast
It's just what my corals are used to
So yours may be different
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