Calling on creative thinkers! Building a filter out of strange pump...

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Apr 15, 2012
I'm building my boyfriends fishtank a filter. I dont have any more money right now and his fish really need a larger tank. His friend just gave him one not sure exact size but its smaller than my 37gal. I have the old pump to my tank but here is my delema. Here is my pump and what it was attatched too. How do I make a filter out of this? P.S please exuse the mess. Just did a water change and installed a brand new filter.



Building such a small filter will probably end up costing you just as much as grabbing a new one.
One thing you can look into is Kaldness K1. Using it as a fluidized bed filter can handle a large bio load. I'll see if I can find (and attach) a YouTube link of what I mean.
. The pop bottle is the Kaldness. Just bought my first 3 litres which I haven't set up yet but have done this on a small scale with straws in a fry tank. Worked very well.
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