can anyone identify this starfish?

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May 11, 2015
Hello! We recently purchased this starfish from Petco. It was labeled as a sand sifter but we were told it was mislabeled and is a "devil starfish". We cannot find any info regarding devil starfish and are not really sure what type it actually is. We don't know what to feed it, etc because we don't know what it is! Please help! Thanks :)


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I thought that was the top? Lol. I don't know much about starfish, but here is the other side


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Oops, my bad, you are right. Top pic was of the top of him. Sorry. Didn't see it at first.
if thats a sand sifter he will most likely starve they don't do well in tanks under 100g
they eat algae , nori , meaty flesh like shrimp , scallop ect
It appears to be from the genus fromia, though I'm not sure which. LOL...devil starfish. How retarded these names have become. It's going to be difficult figuring out what it eats. Keep a close eye on it.
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