Can you hang a Protein Skimmer on sump?

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flyingfish 2626

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Jun 24, 2008
I was in the market for a Protein skimmer in the under $200 range and was looking at the Bak-Pak 2R. I am currently running a wet dry and my pump takes up too much space in the sump. I really dont want to look at a back hanging skimmer in the tank. Can I hook up the Bak-Pak to be outside of the sump container and not inside of the actual fish tank. Can anyone suggest another model besides the Bak-Pak 2R for under $200. Thanks for your help.
I don't see why not. I don't have a skimmer, but the general rule for skimmers is you get what you pay for.....
You may want to post tank/sump size so the skimmer gurus can better assist.
I used to have a skilter HOB a long time ago. Make no mistake that this skimmer is not the best or close to it. It is resonably cheap and will do a decent job of skimming and filtering your SW. Also moving this to General Hardware and equipment discussion.
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Relocating a skimmer to your sump is fine, but be sure to put in a bubble trap within a baffle to eliminate bubbles in the main :)
I have my Aquamedic turboflotor multi hanging off of the back of my sump out the back of the stand. It gave me more space in my sump with a 46bow there isn't a lot of space. I paid $195 for my skimmer it does a good job It took a while to get if working to my liking though.
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