Center brace damage

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Jun 24, 2008
Washington State
If the center brace is cracked and has damage. Is it
still safe to use the tank?
should I junk it?
can you replace it?
What size tank? Those braces are there to keep the tank from bowing.
I think you can buy a new brace to go on it. I seem to remember a thread a while back where someone could buy a new one though I dont know where.
You may want to try calling drsfosterandsmith.
Where exactly did it crack? If it's towards the middle of the brace, you can cut a strip of acrylic and glue it to the brace. If it's closer to the front or back it will need to be replaced.
I've also seen where people cut their cross brace out and replace it with a piece of acrylic and then use nylon nuts and bolts to secure it to the trim.
Glass Cages sells replacement trim. You can try calling them so see if what they have will work.
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