Changing Salts

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Mar 25, 2004
My first bag of salt is nearly done (Seachem Marine), and I'm thinking of using Seachem REEF salt from now on, which apparently contains more trace elements for corals etc. (as I now have corals in my tank).

I do a 25-30% PWC every 2 weeks. Am I ok just doing the full changeover PWC with all of the new salt? With it being the same brand, I guess it's not really much of a problem?
It should not be a problem. If you are worried, try doing 10% water changes with the new salt once a week for a few weeks before going back to your bi-weekly schedule. I am waiting for my LFS to get in the new Seachem Reef salt to give it a try.
I agree, try a few smaller PWCs. I didn't have a problem switching from IO to RC, but I have heard a few folks having their tanks crash, when they tried too much at a time.
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