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Dec 18, 2012
So i did a nano ten about 4 mnths ago, tore it down and built a 40 gal. I miss my nano!!
So, what i did, was this !

I took my sisters old 0.68gal betta bowl, yea its small.
And used a bit of dry old live sand from my ten i tore down, and a pinch of ls from my 40. To my luck, a tetra 10 hob biobag filter fits on perfect without the extension tubes bottom attached. I took a peice of sponge and put it in the opening.
Light is a 10 w compact flouro by coralife 50/50. Added a peice of lr and water from a water change in my 40.


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i would replace that 10W PC to a 3w LED =p, but looking forward for the tank to set up
A 3 w led? Where can i get one of those? Lol this is all stuff i had layin around as im on a budget, do you think that 10 w will bleach my coral out? Plan is to give my gf 10 or 15 bucks each time i go to the lfs to pick out a frag for it,
Also the heater is a 50w preset that fots perfect into the filter :)
I used this bulb for about 3 months and have two more new ones lol
Whats the price of shipping to ontario canada
I see your in canada:) nice to see a fellow reefer north of the 49! Anyway you could ship the item via canada postage?
Could i put sexy shrimp in here with some hermits? And a astrea star ?
Almost cyclyed ! Cant wait to put my gsp frag in here :) gonna do a few hermits for livestock
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