Chemi-Clean and Micro Bubbles

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May 3, 2004
Peoria, IL
Two questions:

1. How long will it take before I can expect to begin seeing results from the dose of Chemi-Clean I added to my tank.

2. Is Chemi-Clean responsible for my sudden surge of Micro bubbles being ejected from my Protien Skimmer? Or is it my fault for removing the carbon from my canister filter.

Chemi-clean - results in a few days.

Don't know about the bubble question.

When I used it all of the cyno was gone in 48hrs. I took a cup of SW from my tank, added the chemi-clean to that and mixed it up until it was disolved. Then I added it to my sump, no bubbles.
well then where are all of these bubbles comming from all of a sudden? I made no changes to my Protien skimmer. All I did was add Chemi-Clean and took out my carbon...
I shut it off after the micro bubbles started filling up my tank. (It was scareing my Firefish.)

anyone familar with the sensitivity of the CPR Bak Pak 2R?
This is normal. Chemi-clean or Red Slime Remover will make your skimmer go NUTS.

I just did the exact same thing 2 days ago and I have the same skimmer as you. Leave the skimmer off for a day or two, and when you do turn it back on raise the cup way high, and keep your eye on it. It will fill up MUCH quicker than usual. The skimmer will stop making bubbles as the chemi-clean depletes from the system.

As for the cyano, you should see results in a day or two. Unfortunately, it will come back unless you can figure out what's causing it in the first place. I'm in the same boat, I feel your pain.
wow. awsome. thanks for the help! Lets stay in touch and figure out how each other does. Perhaps we can help each other nip it in the bud.

I will be performing a water change on saturday and see what that does.

I am thinking mine was being caused by my water source (wal-mart brand "spring water" ) and old carbon. What about you?

do you still have carbon in your canister? I took mine out when I added the Chemi-Clean and I am thinking about leaving it out.
Stay away from the spring water and drinking water. I use Walmart distilled and am very happy. I just made a 3 gallon batch and these are the tests of the new water from its holding tank. I used just shy of 1.5 cups coralife salt.

pH 7.3, salin 1.023, Phos 0, amm 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0, alk 180, calc 360

As you can see the pH is low(I like 8.2) but all else is good.
No problem. Here's my situation.

Tank is about 12 months old. Started out with tap water. I've always had the skimmer. Canister with Bio balls and Carbon.

About 2 or 3 months in, I started having very bad algae and cyano problems. First thing I did was purchase an RO/DI water filter on eBay. I've been using that water ever since.

Around the same time I increased my live rock to what it is now (about 60-70lbs in a 46 gallon tank) and I took all the media out of my canister except for carbon. This includes all the foam filters. The only thing in there was a bag or two of carbon.

I also upgraded my lights from NO to a 96w Power Compact hood.

Cyano still there... :(

I reduced my lighting schedule. And made sure to only feed small amounts every other day at most. Ran Phos-guard and other similar products in the filter. Increased flow to a total of 3 maxi-jets (2-900 and 1-1200).

Cyano still there... :(

Recently I have started getting hair algae. I removed the canister completely. No mechanical filtration at all, other than the skimmer. I replaced my Power Compact bulbs. Reduced my lighting some more. Picked up a lawnmower Blenny.

Cyano and hair algae still there, blenny isn't touching the hair algae... :(

Then a couple days ago, I dosed with Red Slime Remover.

Cyano all gone. :mrgreen:

Hair algae is everywhere... :(

That's where I'm at now. I have to get the hair algae under control, and the cyano will probably come back. Frustrating!
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