Chemi-clean cause PODs & sea urchin death?

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Jul 31, 2004
Sorry i didnt search to see if anyone else has had this problem

Quick info on my tank
75g, 2 bar gobies, algae blenny, hermits, thorny oyster, porc. crabs, tons of PODs ect...

a few months ago i added "chemi-clean" to my tank because i was told it was EXCELLENT at getting rid of cyanobacteria - and was harmless to everything but cyano.. I added the correct dosage (actually a bit less than recommended). and i would like to say that it worked great. cyano was gone within a few days.

However, my sea urchin starting dying the 2nd day after adding chemi-clean.. (droopy spines.. then they all started falling offf.. it was horrible to watch cuz it is such a slow death.)
And my pods were no where to be found...
Everything else seemed to be fine.. and you'd think that the oyster would get sick too most likey.. but its fine.

And needless to say, the pods are back and i have more now then ever before..

BUT basically what i want to know is, Has anyone else had any problems with chemi-clean??
I mean it works great on cyano.. but i dont know why i lost all the pods..

Sorry for the long post
thanks for reading.

Gosh, I dont know quite what to say. I dont use chemical fixes chiefly for the fear of stuff like what you just said, happening.

Maybe someone else will chime in.
Hmm, I prefer the natural way, for that reason. I think it might be possible your tank went through a mini-cycle. Cyano is a bacteria, so is your nitrifiying bacteria, so the chemi'clean, could have killed them both. Some one please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I do agree, it seems the other inverts/critters should have been effected. Strange.....
I prefer also not to use bandaid solutions as all they do is cover up the problem and not solve the problem. A more meaningful solution would be to find out what is causing the cyano and nip it in the bud. I`m sorry about your urchin.
How did you use it ? It is possible that it did cause the death. Did you run an air stone during treatment and do a water change after the treatment per the instructions? Chemi clean can cause a drop in oxygen there by causing suffocation it also can cuase your PH to go wacky too it can cause a drop in PH that some inverts can not handle ... They recommend a 20% h20 change after everytreatment . The best way to treat cyano is as others said , by cutting back on the total organic wastes such as over feeding or overly large bioload (which does not seem to be your case) perhaps outdated lamps , did you add anything that may have parished with out your knowledge ? either way the best thing is to figure out what caused it . Our tank goes through some out breaks every now and again ... I just up the water changes and increase flow to the areas that I see it in . It is also some times benificial to remove anything that may react adversly to a QT tank before treating it ...such as inverts .HTH
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