Choosing a HOB or Canister filter for 65 gal tank

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Big Ron

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Dec 17, 2018
I am ready to start cycling a 65 gal tank and am wondering what type of filter to use. I have a Marine Land 360 Cannister filter (new) and am thinking of getting a new HOB Tidal 110. From all I have read the Tidal is very easy to operate and clean. a lot of good reviews. The canister will last longer between cleaning but a little more troublesome. Just asking from experience , which one should I choose? Tank will be planted with mostly Angles.
I prefer canisters over HOBs on longer tanks because you can have more filtration material in them and create better circulation by strategically placing the intake and return lines further apart. It's worth the extra work to clean them IMO. In the canister, you place at least 2 pads in there so that you only need to replace or heavily clean one at each cleaning. (y)

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