Clam killing blenny

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Sep 19, 2013
So I've had a deresa and maxima clam and my blenny nipped them both to death. Well the deresa was kinda poor condition to start but the maxima wasnt. Anyone else had a blenny go awol on clams
I've had clowns try and host a maxima and stress it to death :(. Sorry to hear about your loss, I hate when I loose a clam
I've had clowns try and host a maxima and stress it to death :(. Sorry to hear about your loss, I hate when I loose a clam

Yeah it was a little bit ago but I noticed my maxima looked amazing the first couple days. Then I noticed it wouldn't open its mantle all the way. Then it started gaping. Then I found the culprit as my blenny was tearing chunks out of it's mantle. It was dead the next day. I was so mad lol. The blenny is lucky I couldn't catch him
Hey just curious, how clean do you keep your water when you have clams? I've been sorta experimenting with the 3 I currently have and am always interested iin others experience with clams and the params of their systems
I try to keep some nitrates and phosphates for them when I had them.
Indeed. If I had a blenny that did that it would be on its way to LFS for donation…not even store credit Lol.

Right! I swear the thing is a demon. He terrorizes my royal gramma and murders clams! I do love him though, so much personality
they clam may have been sick.. blennys and claims don't usally get alone however claims usally win
What kind of Benny? I have a lawn mower that only 'bothers' my clams when algae grows on the shell. This is far from killing the clam. Though my smaller maxima that isn't doing well has much more algae growth on the shell than the healthy ones.
How are the parameters? Any signs of pinched mantle or gaping prior?
It's a flametail blenny, enchelyurus flavipes. My params are fine: ammonia/nitrite 0, nitrate ~0, phosphate .07, calcium 420, alkalinity 8.5, mag 1450. There was no gaping or pinched mantle at first but after I started to notice chunks of the clams mantle missing it started gaping. Then I watched the blenny rip at the mantle an the clam wouldn't open fully
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