Classic Eheim cannister question...

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May 3, 2008
I just purchased and am setting up a 40B tank, to use for aquascaping and small fish load. I also purchased a classic Eheim external canister good for 40 gal tank to about ? 120 g if I recall (writing this at work). Cycling with plants and co2 injector currently.
Thing is, the water flow blows my live plants around too much and I can't seem to find a flow adjuster on this thing.
Please tell me there is a flow adjustment technique?
If not, would anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this? Naturally I don't want to force the motor... I can't believe I forgot to check for this when I bought the filter pump....
I have several Classics, they do move a lot of water. i have two ideas for you.

1. Use the spray bar. Try pointing it towards the back glass.

2. if you are using just the spray head point it at the glass instead of across the tank.
I have the classic ehiem 2217 for my 100 gallon tank and I just point it toward the glass on the side of the tank.
thanks, and another q re when to start co2 injection...

thanks, :oops:
sometimes the answers are a little embarrassing!
I'm hoping that the problem isn't that the motor is too strong for 40 gal and real plants? I'd hate to lose all my co2 to current, etc.
I assume that with a bigger tank (e.g., 100 gals, now THAT must be fun) the flow is more reasonable.
I take it from responses that there is no flow regulator knob or anything...
How soon do people start with co2 when they are cycling a tank?
No regulator knob on the classic series. I started my CO2 on day one of my last setup. That way I knew it was working right when the plants went in and I started the cycle.
Can you get the Eheim "double disconnect valves" that fit that model number? I have a 2213 that came with the valves, and they can be used to mellow out the current a little.
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