Clownfish question

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Sep 30, 2009
Beijing, China (originally Los Angeles)
Hey All,

I've three tank raised ocellaris that're roughly 1 1/2 inches long each along with a yellow tang, blue tang, 2x black saddle back clownfish, flame angelfish, 2x damsels, neon goby, lawnmower blenny, and a fire shrimp.

So here's the question. One of my ocellaris is acting kind of strange with the rest of the tank mates. He's banned from entering the right side of the tank where I've two anemones that houses the ocellaris and black saddle backs during the day time. The two dominants of the household will chase him to roughly the middle of the tank. However, at night he's allowed to sleep in the anemone with the ocellaris. Any reason for this?

The smaller of the two black saddle backs will also swim out to him every 5 minutes or so and swim next to him and they'll bump each other in a "friendly" manner and the black saddleback will swim back after a minute or two of this.

I find this guy to be quite entertaining, but would like to know the reason why.
not sure, but you must have a huge tank!

The saddles are a lot more aggressive than the ocellaris, so they may be defending their territory during the day and for some reason not doing the same at night.
well i think the tank might be 2 small for all of those clowns, i have 2 black clowns and they seem fine but somebody here told me that you are not supposed to mix different kinds of clowns or they will fight, also i might be crazy but my neighbor has a 75 gal tank like mine and he has 2 pairs o clowns one pair of black and one of oc's and they never fight it might be that they are tank raised and i heard that they are nicer
With 5 clowns in a ~65g tank you will have territorial fights and even some deaths as they get older.
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