CO2 Splitter? How to Distribute CO2 into 2 Tanks?

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Jul 25, 2018
I have this big CO2 tank with regulator and solenoid currently feeding into a tank.

I'm trying to split this into 2 tanks. I've tried cheap brass splitter from amazon but it leaked and the flow was very inconsistent.

I found this ADA PS-KY Y BRANCH, is this something I can use?
Or any recommendation is very much appreciated :)
i don't run pressurized co2 but i've read up a lot on it. from what ive read you want to add a co2 manifold that splits it and gives you knob controls for each connection. if you used the splitter you linked you would possibly have issues of one tank getting more co2 then the other since the co2 will take the path of least resistance and you wouldn't have a way to control it. something like this

hopefully someone more experinced can correct me if i have read wrong.
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