co2 system question

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oliver moggridge

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Feb 6, 2009
hi im thinking of buying a co2 system and i don't want to spend loads of money! im just wondering if this item on ebay is any good? heres a link if you wanna check it out for yourself!


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The item you've listed is just the bubble counter (#4 in the diagram), not the whole system. It's pretty, but it's only 1 piece of the system.

If you're not wanting to spend lots of money, a bubble counter can be made out of a water bottle and a little bit of tubing much cheaper than the price they want.
ok what about this difuser is it aby good?

S3 CO2 Diffuser - Aquarium 55 Gallon Tank Glassware - eBay (item 250392325667 end time Jun-17-09 00:03:27 PDT)
That looks like a nice diffuser. You have to be careful with them if you use DIY (yeast method) co2. It doesn't always generate enough pressure to work with glass diffusers....and can cause built up pressure in the bottles...not good! It does sometimes work though....won't know until you try it.
i just use an airstone...since i heard over time those glass diffusors get clogged up...
but those diffusors must be worth it since they are in the market for long and people keep buying them for DIY set ups
yes ive herd that too, but ive also herd that airstones are a waste of time! so im in two minds weather to get it or not? is there any other defuser that is good?
Another option is to put a piece of bamboo chopstick in the end of the CO2 line. Bamboo is very porous and will break the gas into a fine spray.

Just about as cheap as you can get, of course, you'll have to treat yourself to a Chiness dinner first. Oh Well!
if you dont want to spend a lot of money make a diy co2. going cheap just doesnt cut it there is a reason why many people do use them. in the long run they cost a lot of money or just not worth it.
that diffusor looks like the one in hagen nutrafin co2 system...
people have told me that type does not work very well...but maybe this one works well
i use DIY CO2 with an airstone...
are these CO2 diffusors and pressurized CO2 system worth the cost?
I can't compare because I haven't used any other systems. Nevertheless in my opinion the effect of using this diffusor is very well, my plants are looking healthy and their growth is also good.
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