Concerns with moving tank

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Jun 9, 2004
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I plan on moving my cycled 29g tank FOWLR. I have 35-40lbs of LR, 2 clowns, polyps, CBS, a few snails, and a few crabs. I plan on emptying majority of the tank, so it will be easier to lift. I have a 20g that I'll be converting to a sump. I plan on just putting everything in there while I move the 29g, including some of the tank water. Would there be some die-off on my LR, if it's exposed to air, while I transfer it to the 20g? I don't want to have to cycle my tank again. The move should take no more than 30-45 minutes. Thanks.
Agree, you should be fine keeping everthing submerged and the temp stable.
Agreed. You can expose it to air for a sec to transfer it from one container to another... but you might as well use the old water and put the rock right into it until the move is complete and you're ready to put everything back in the 29g
All the fish, critters, & LR will be fine if you keep them in the old water. Are you going to keep the old sand? If you do, don't stir it up. If you add new sand, seed it with a cup or two of the old sand & mix it in.
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