Confused wih eheim air diffuser for Eheim classic plus 2215

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Jan 10, 2005
I have just bought my Eheim classic plus 2215 canister filter. I aslo got the air diffuser. It didn't come with any instructions. I was wondering if anyone know how to connect this into my system.
I'm not sure I know what an air diffuser is needed for but eheim has a great website where you can get tech support.

I know for sure that it hooks up to the outlet tube and it doen't hook up to the air pump. On the back of the package it hows a picture of it but just a hose hooked up to the back and the air line hose that has a black valve on it to control air flow Maybe you could for more bubbles but I was looking for more on placement. There is a a powerful jet flow coming out of it. I have discus and they don't like fast moving water the main reason that I bought this filter. Maybe I just won't use it if the discus would not perfer it. Any opinons?
If it is like the attachments that come with some powerheads, it just siphons air into the water stream at the outlet. The tube should stick up out of the water and the venturi effect will such air into the water stream. HTH :)
OK rnegron. Now I understand what you're trying to do and it makes sense. With the 84F min temp that discus require the water will hold less O2. Right now your HOB is probably agitating the surface sufficiently enough to provide for the right gas exchange.

Personally I would hide a small sponge filter (connected to an air pump), in a corner of the tank. This will not only provide enough surface movement, but give you some back up on your bio filtration. Another good tip is to use a sponge prefilter with your eheim. They are easily cleaned and will prevent the impeller from becoming clogged.
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