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Dec 3, 2011
New Castle, Colorado
I have been interested in getting a Volitan Lionfish. I am curious about its aggression and eating habits. I know it is a carnivore but are they aggressive enough to go after some other fish I have in my tank? If it is likely, would there be any other lions you'd recommend? For the record, I have a 210 reef. I have some goby's but the smallest fish I have currently is a blue damsel. The tank has been set up for over a year and is doing great. I do have corals, but I don't think the lion would bother corals, but then again that is why I am doing research first, because I don't know. Thank you all for your input. :thanks:
Sorry, pressed send too soon! I do think it will eat smaller fish and not corals so much but your snails or hermits will most likely be lunch. If you got a juvenile one and perhaps a dwarf you would have better chance of it not eating your inhabitants!
I was considering the Volitan Lionfish but with its size as it grows, I don't want my gobys to become lunch. I do have a cleaner shrimp and an emerald crab that I think would be an issue. Maybe Ill have to pass on the lion. If I do get one, at this point I think it will have to be the fuzzy dwarf.
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