Considering Fluval 404 for 55 gallon any opinions?

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Feb 25, 2005
Jacksonville Florida USA
I am thinking of picking upa Fluval 404 for $100, from my local Petsmart, on sale. This would be for my community 55 gallon which is currently running 2 Emperor 400's.

Would this be overkill?

Should I perhaps consider temporarily retireing one of the 400's and getting the Fluval?

$100 without shipping sems reasonable price for the Fluval anyone seen it cheaper?

Well thanks in advance!
I was at my local Petsmart today buying dog food and I actually saw the fluval 404 for $199......sounds like a pretty good deal to me if you can get it for that price. I'm actually considering that option myself.
bigals online sale is free shipping and the fluval 404 and rena xp3 run around 85 to 95 bucks.
I got the XP2 from Big Al's for $75 with free shipping . . . . I LOVE that filter . . .it has done a wonderful job so far and I recommend it very highly! Mine is on a 55 Gal Long as well

I run the XP2, and the XP2 ALONE . . . .an amazing filter . . . love it!
a 404 is a great filter, but watch the gasket when your putting it together, it sometimes pops out of the groove and binds..

The "liftlock" is nice, the clasps on the side will also act as a pry to open it (you open the clasps and keep pushing them down, they will lift the lid)

Also, after about 1 year the gaskets around the tubes will allow some air in. not a major deal, they are just 2 small gaskets, the mechanics are rock solid.
I've been running a 304 on my 55 gal tank for a couple years now. Just replaced my first part a couple weeks ago: the impeller cover. It was still working fine, but looked like it could use it.

IMO, the 404 would be overkill for a 55. I'd do a 304 again in a heart beat.
I've been running a 304 on a 29 gal for a few months. If I didn't have the Eheim, I would put a 404 on my 58. Personally, I don't think you can overfilter a tank, unless the current is dashing your fish against the glass.

The fluval is nice because you can regulate the output down to 50%, and you can aim the outflow nozzle like a powerhead.

The Fluval is a great filter for the price, but do watch that head gasket when you set it up. I put a half gallon of water on my carpet when I turned mine on for the first time.
Check e-bay, fluvals sell there all the time. I got a 304 along with a used 55 tank/stand deal. Never used a canister before, AC HOB's have been my choice for years. But the 304 is definitely a decent filter for a 55 from what I've seen
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