Copepods for refugium

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May 27, 2013
Hello as you know I'm new to saltwater. I built a sump refugium and was wondering how do I start a colony of pods in my fuge do I put some in it and let them breed or what I know this is probably a really dumb question could someone please help me out thank you
If you have real live rock you should have some pods as hitchhikers. A refugium with Chaeto or other micro algae will give them a place to reproduce and you can also buy them from a LFS or on line. I had a Dragonet tank for several years it was a 30 gallon DT with a 20 gallon sump and a 5 gallon slow flow refugium full of Chaeto under a compact fluorescent light. good luck. IMO the dumbest question is the one that is never asked!
If you used live rock you should already have pods. You can buy more to kickstart your pod population or you can just wait and let them reproduce.
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