Coral suggestion top of tank

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Aug 14, 2012
As the title suggests...looking for something with vibrant colours to complete top portion of my biocube. I have maxed out sanded and need to fill middle to top half of rocks. I already have torch, favia, goniopora, plates, zoas.

Would like something that would really pop under my radian 150W 20,000K metal halide.

How about some encrusting montiporas like undata or Danae. A monti cap would look good too.
Here is a pic currently...

Should I move current montipora from mid right to upper middle? Can in flourish here and then get something for where montipora was mid right? Or just get something for dead center tank ?

Really like frogspawn or hammer but not sure if lights will be way too strong to thrive.

Thanks in advance


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The monti looks fine. I'd just leave it there. Frogspawn or a hammer should do fine in your tank, they are in the same genus as that torch coral you have.
But the frogspawn or hammer would do ok under the MH at the upper portion of tank?
What about galaxea? I love them and mine thrives up near the top
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