coralife super skimmer 220 ?

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Nov 29, 2005
New Jersey
I just received my skimmer in the mail today, and was taken back by how big it was. anyways, i was wondering if i could rig the suction and discharge hoses and keep the skimmer under the tank. i have a 90 gal tank on a regular size stand. i dont have a canopy right now, but i am planning on building one, but it will have to be pretty damn big now to house the collection cup for the skimmer. i know that most people use it in the sump, but unfortunately i dont have a sump right now. so will the pump be able to suck from the tank into the skimmer and back up to the tank again? any suggestions welcome.
I dunno, but I'd GUESS that the discharge is meant to have 0 head. putting it under the tank means it has to push the water all the way back up. This may affect the function of the skimmer or cause a flood. I'd call the manufacturer.
If you drop a hang on back skimmer too far below the water line then more than likely you will overflow the collection cup. I don’t think it can be done personally since it’s not really a closed system like a canister filter.
ok thanks. looks like i'll have to hang it on the back and make a REALLY BIG canopy
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