Coralife Super Skimmer + Air Pump = Good?

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Dec 20, 2005
Warrensburg, IL
Hey All,

I have had a Coralife Super Skimmer for a few years now, and I know I bought it because it was suggested by users here, But I have never really had great bubble production out of it.

When it was brand new, it worked OK, but never great. In the last year or so it hardly makes bubbles at all. I have cleaned it out many times with no improvement.

I kept going to the LFS and seeing their HUGE 6' tall skimmer which uses an external air pump to produce bubbles. So I thought, Why can't I?

I came home today and hooked up an air pump to the intake of the venturi, and low and behold, TONS OF BUBBLES! It almost instantly began skimming like it has never skimmed before!

I havent tried connecting it directly to the skimmer with out the venturi, I don't know if that would work or if it's the Venturi that makes the small bubbles?

Has anyone else done this? I assume there's shouldn't be any issues doing this, it's just forcing air into the venturi instead of sucking it in.


Interesting never knew that. Mine makes a lot, unless its just me not knowing what the **** I'm talking about. I have come about the problem of to many micro bubbles getting into the tank. :( Hopefully I get this new stand soon.
sounds like a good idea. I have coral life 220, and I thought it was'nt making enough bubbles too. How big of an air pump did you use, any pics of set up. Here is my skimmer, thought of replacing it but would like to try your idea first


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