Coralife Water purifier RO (50gall per day)

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Mar 4, 2004
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Coralife Water purifier RO (50gall per day)

I just purchased a Water purifier for my 10 gallon reef tank. I am goign to do soem major water changes in the next few days to try and get rid of my horriable alge problem.

However I want to get my Water purifier working correctly. I have been told that it takes a few days for the Water purifier to break in and work properly. When I first turned it on I was gettign a tremendous amount of flow out of the RO water tube. After a while it slowed a bit but was still coming out in a stream. I removed the TFC membrand and re-installed it and it helped soem but it is still not where it should be.

I knwo that this thing is supposed to have an RO water output that comes out in drips not a stream. At 50 gal per day it should produce around 2 gallons of RO water in an hour and right now I think I could get about 10 gallons of water in an hour. What can I do? What do I check or fix to help get this workign properly?

It is 3 canister (1 micron, carbon, dionizer & TFC membrane).
At 50 gal per day it should produce around 2 gallons of RO water in an hour
FWIW that is under optimal conditions. Most units produce less than what they are rated. Things like low water temps., low water pressure, and the amount of TDS in the tap water will affect the output.
Glad to hear you got things going :wink:
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