corals are dying

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Jul 12, 2011
I have a 75 gallon tank with a mixture of lps,sps,zooanthid colonies,and mushroom. They are all under metal halides 250 watts with 2 sets of T-5s. I have a 20 gallon berlin style sump with a nice protien skimmer and live rock ammonia rocks and carbon filters. It has been set up for 3 months and was doing well. Here recently I had to add some fresh water just to top off the tank. After doing this all of my corals shriveled up and my sps ones bleached. Some of them came back but don't have any color how long does it usually take for the color to come back?thank you:)
Assuming that what caused the problem in the first place is eliminated, it will take a few weeks for the SPS to get their color back, assuming they are not dead. Are you sure they bleached out, or did they turn brown?
one turned brown and the polyps arent out the other one is white as snow and has polyps out
Yeah, they don't sound dead, yet. I would definitely keep an eye on them, and let us know if anything begins to decay or bleach out even more. There's really nothing you can do at this point except wait.
Thank you! But what does the brown mean is that bad or a good sighn
Well both browning out and bleaching are bad signs. It shows the coral is in distress.
well i have some cloves that were always out and now they are closed so are my zoos but i have a wellsophylia or however its spelled brain and its huge and stays out and goniopora that stay out why are the easy corals to keep dying but the hard ones are doing excellent
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