Cover the intake on my xp2?

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Mar 30, 2004
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Hi all,
I would have just posted this in my thread where I picked out my new filter (because normally I get a little peaved when people start a bunch of new threads) but it seemed like this should get a new one. :p

I just got and setup my rena xp2. I have a sand bottom (HD play sand) and have had it for about 7 months now so it's plenty settled. It doesn't really even kick up when the sand is pushed around. Is there any need for me to put a sponge or pantyhose over the intake? The xp2 has multiple stages and it seems like any sand that may be sucked up would be filtered out before it even reaches the impellar, but I want to be sure as it was a big invesment to me and it needs to last!

Thanks as always,
Thanks rich. I know that I can, I was just wondering if I should. :-D

Honestly I prefer not to as I don't like how they look aesthetically, but I will of course do it if the filter is at any risk.


I had a sand bottom on my cichlid tank for about 8 months with my xp1 and had no issues, I just turned off the filter with maintenence.
It's about 4 inches from the bottom of the bottom piece, which is what was recommended in the setup book.

Thanks shawmutt and andos. :)
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