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Nov 28, 2002
Maine , USA
I'm wondering what to do with the top of my aquarium. A lot of posts say not to cover with glass lids due to cutting down on gas exchange. then some say you need to cover due to fish actually jumping out and to have something between your lights and the water. The light fixture I have(CSL Moonlight fixture,4x65) has a lexan(or similar type plastic) that fits tightly against the bottom of the fixture which will be off the water a bit. Is this enough cover for the lights? If I use glass covers(versa top) can/should I leave the lexan off? I am building a canopy but am intending to leave the back open to help with the heat build up. Should I use the versa top ? how much covering does the tank need?

thanks in advance,

hi mike I also have the (CSL Moonlight) It is only the 4 footer but I run glass tops on my 120 and leave the plastic slid into the light covering I could not put the little feet on the light for clearance under my canopy. As you probably know by now the cooling fans are quite loud the canopy helps alot. hope this helps
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