cpr bak-pak question

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Dec 23, 2003
Nebraska, USA
is it feasible/advisable to put a bag of GAC in this skimmer, like where the bio bail would go (since I'd be getting the reef model)?

I think i'm gonna upgrade my prizm to the cpr at some point, but I like my prizm's carbon holder (I have the deluxe accessories).
If not, I'll have to finda better place to stick my carbon.
The GAC is probably gonna cause the skimmer to overflow as it will restrict the water flow too much. I keep my heater where the biobale was.
I use that space in the bak pak for Carbon and for phosban. But here is the catch, When you drop in the bag of media, you need to have a sponge that will prevent the bag from floating up, or it will block the outlet, and flood the onto the floor. ( I did that twice before I realised that I needed the sponge) But IMO I think it works great.
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