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Jul 24, 2009
Hi All....

I ws re-arranging some of theliverock in the process of curing and I found my first live hitch hiker; a brown crab just a chowin' down. The pic is al ittle fuzzy..couldn't get a clear one and then he realized I was watching and skittered down into the rock.

Any ideas on type?


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    Unknown Crab.jpg
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Looks kinda like a box crabs. Most crab hitchhikers are bad news. And a box crab will eat everything. One cleaned out my girlfriend's tank of polyps, xenias and ricordeas.
It looks like an Emerald Crab, only it isn't green. Maybe there are different color variants?
mithrax crab. same family as emeralds. emeralds are mithrax crabs also. it will probably exhibit the same behavior. neither are considered reef safe.
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