crocea clam question

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steve r

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Oct 9, 2004
kenosha wisconsin
i just got a 3" corcea ultra grade clam about 3 days ago. i have noticed my bicolor angel grazing of the clam like he does everything. i know angels are known coral and clam nippers but, i can honestly say mine does not nip like he is eating. he grazes off everything like it is live rock. never does any damage to any corals. the clam does close up a little bit when fish swim over him ( shadow ) or the angel bothers him. should i take the clam back? will the angel cause him to stay closed too often and harm or kill him?

any thoughts would be appreciated

steve r
My neon gobies pester my clams the same way and they have been fine. As long as it is not a constant thing and no damage is occurring I think you will be fine.
Wow, that is not a good mix. I really hope I am wrong but it will not take too long until your angel begins to snack on the clam's mantle. I would certainly take the clam back. It is just a matter if time.
I agree the angel will eventually eat the soft fleshy part of your clam and kill him. I dont think your wrong Lando from personal experience.
i am watching the situation. lando, have you had any problems with your butterfly and clam? i thought they were also natural predators of the clam? i have contacted the place igot the clam from and they are willing to take it back. i will be doing that this week

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