Current Nova light fan is loud!

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Dec 8, 2008
wayne, PA
Just got new Current Nova Extreme light fixture. it has 4 -48" t5HO bulbs on two seprate ballasts. The cooling fan has it own power cord and transformer. The amount of air movement/ noise is really loud. Has any one else had this problem and a solution? I am thinking a different fan? has anyone done that? It has a single fan mounted in the back center of the fixture.
get a CPU fan they aer quiet, however they are 12v fans not 110, gotta get some sort of convertor or something I think, Im not sure if the fans on the lights are regulated to 12v or not.
I will try that, the fan is 12 volt now and has its own transformer. I did get a adjustable speed control for my fans on my nano tank. I will have to fine one that is 2" to fit in the fixture.
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