Dalmation Mollies have yellow spots!???

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Dec 29, 2019
Wollongong, NSW Australia.
My adult female marble coloured molly has always had this slight yellow tinge near her gills. But my baby born Xmas day has developed these bright yellow spots over the past 2 weeks. All the searches I've done say this is a normal colour in the Dalmation Molly, is it normal? I got a good photo. Can anyone reassure me? there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this question on Forums in general.


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Yes it's normal. It's also normal for dalmatian mollies to turn black with age. (Just so that dosen't scare you in the future)
All it means is that your Dalmation Molly has some Gold Dust Molly in its genes and the gold spots are now more prominent
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