Darn background!

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Sep 10, 2003
Las Vegas (...or lost wages)
I will definetly remember this mistake for the next time I set up my tank. I waited til the tank was filled and was immovable before deciding I was gonna put a blue background on it. Well I got about 1 inch of space to try and put it on with...not an easy task, with all the air bubbles....ugh!! :evil: Any ideas out there??
[qoute]Vasaline[/quote]was this serious? I've always just hung them on the back of the tank with tape... :|

as a side note.. trigger happy.... you may find only 1" of space to be quite limitting for other things such as wiring for lights, plumbing sumps/fuges/filters etc... how far along is your tank?
mount the background to a piece of 1/8 in plywood cut to correct h and w fo fit between the molding strips duct tape the board with background to tank...just a thought.
Yes I was serious, some people swear by it, I personally have never tried it, but figured with the air bubbles comment it was something like that.
I was just using water and squeejeeing (is that a word :? ) the air with a cd case. Actually I may have about 1 1/2 or 2 inches cause I have the filter on the back. I did not think of using vaseline. Ill give it a try tonite...hmmm.
another good way to attach background is use a liquid floor wax. It drys clear and is easy to remove from glass. I use it with colored trash bags....if you leave some air pockets in the bags it adds a nice look to the background and when you get tired of it buy a different color bag!! HTH
In my FW tanks I liked to use aluminum foil ! Makes great patterns and you can mold it to look like caves and ledges too...
Yeah, foil looks nice, I used the greenish foil a few years back. Now I use corona boxes (the tank is in my bar). But i have so much algae the background cant be seen.
i was thinking about doing a background and then i had already put the filter on and all the cords were out the back i was like forget it lol
Florists have foil in all colors of the rainbow. But me, I just paint the backs with acrylic paint a couple of days before I set it up.
Be careful using water to affix the background. I did, and we have really hard water. When I took the background off, the back of my tank was covered with calcium deposits that I cannot remove. So I bought tinted plexiglass and cut it to fit inside the tank. It makes a great looking background. One word of warning - Never cut that little plastic strip that crosses the top of your tank from the front to the back in the middle. Not good.
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