Daryl's mini reef adventure

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So I went to a coral collecting place today that I work at. They guys are away collecting at the moment and we had to clean the tanks. There were some algae covered zoas there that they wanted gone so I got the whole lot for nothing. No idea on there colours or anything yet. I also got a rankin cod who is going to live in the sump till my pond is completed 20220521_121059.jpgView attachment 32345420220521_121029.jpg20220521_121035.jpg
My friend had him in a different tank and he was being super aggressive towards all the other fish so he took him out and wanted to get rid of him. Had no luck selling him so I took him.
Nope not really just feed him well. And try keep the husky away from it keeps sticking his head in the tank to check him out. Feel like I'm gonna hear a yelp one day and see the cos hanging off the end of the dogs tongue View attachment 32348120220521_184804.jpg
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